Portable Dispense System

Portable Dispense System

Price: £ 1,150

This beer system will allow you to dispense 2 types of products, you can double up on each product to allow you to dispense 2 lines of the same product.

The mini remote has got 4 separate coils for each line and a top recycling pump for the python.

After each event you will not need to remove the cooler, you can empty it using the cleaning system.

All you will be left with is the ice.

All parts are new, the mini remote is reconditioned.

It's priced with 1 primary gas regulator mixed or co2. But can upgrade to 2 primary such as co2 and mixed or 2 mixed (60/40 and 70/30)

All these units are made to order so can be customised to suit your needs. You can also have an extra line added so you can run 3 separate products.

These units fit perfectly underneath the mobile bar units we supply.

We can also provide python/taps if required.

1x 4-way mini remote cooler

2x beer fobs

2x cleaning sockets

1x flow jet pumps

3x secondary gas regulators

1x primary gas regulator

2x barrel couplers Pipework/fittings