Collapsible Bars old

Collapsible Bars

Price £710

1 Meter Bar Sections - £420

5ft Bar Sections - £595

Corner Sections - £495


  • 5ft Bar Section - Extra Set Of Panels - £120
  • 1m Bar - Extra Set Of Panels -£100
  • Corner Bar Section - Extra Set Of Panels - £65
PVC Bags
  • 5ft Bar Section - PVC Bag - £85
  • 1m Bar - PVC Bag - £75
  • Corner Bar Section - PVC Bag - £75
  • 5ft Bar Section - Extra Shelf - £65
  • 1m Bar - Extra Shelf - £45
  • Corner Bar Section - Extra Shelf - £40
  • 5ft Bar Section - LED + Power Supply / Control - £90
  • 5ft Bar Section - LED (Linked) - £80
  • 1m Bar - LED + Power Supply / Control - £80
  • 1m Bar - LED (Linked) - £75
  • Corner Bar Section - LED (Linked) - £75


Adjustable Feet - Per Section - £25

Ice Bucket + Shelf - £60

Speed Rail + Support Bar + Easy Grip Bolts - £75


Lift Counter

Open doors

Lift and lock the shelf in place.

A complete unit ready to use in less than 60 seconds.

5ft Bar Section Size

Height - 1100 mm

Width - 1500 mm

Depth - 640 mm

Weight - 38 kgs


Our collapsible mobile bar comes as a frame, including a removable counter top, with removable front and side panels.

Our removable panels can be slotted in and removed with ease.

We offer our removable panels in a range of colours.
Including, Black - Brushed Aluminium - WhitePlus many more

The bar frame also comes in a range of colours,
including - Black - White - Grey - Silver
other colours available on request.

We also offer sets of removable panels, if you wanted a change in the future.

Each bar section ( Excluding Corner section ) comes with 1 fixed shelf, with 2 removable outer shelves 1 either side, to be removed with the use of ice buckets.

The corner section comes with a fitted shelf.

42" speed rails can also be added to the 5ft and 1 meter sections, for an extra cost.

Our 5ft section has space for 3 beer barrels to go underneath
Our 1 meter section has space for 2 beer barrels to go underneath
Our corner section does not have space for beer barrels

If you didn't require large items underneath the bar,
all of our bar sections (Including the corner section) can have up to 2 extra shelves added, at an extra cost.

All of our bar sections (Including corner section) have been reinforced, to allow beer taps to be clamped to the bar.

We offer optional adjustable feet, at an extra cost,
to help with uneven ground.
Such as Grass - Coconut Matting

We offer L.E.D lighting for all sections (Including corner section) at an extra cost.

The L.E.D ribbon is placed into an aluminium tracking with PVC casing.

Our LED lighting has a wide range of colour options, which will be controlled with the lighting controller.

The LED infrared control unit, is fitted on the inside, underneath the counter top.

The LEDs are on a 12v transformer.

Our LEDs can either be individually controlled per bar section, or they can be linked together on 1 control unit.

We also supply PVC bags or a purpose built flight case with wheels, to help with transportation and prevent damage whilst in storage.

2x 5ft Bar Sections + 1 Corner Section £1,685